The Faculty of Information Technology is a new, dynamic, very competitive department, devoted to provide a highest level of education as well as best experience for the students.

Educational Goals of the Department

The Information technology is a dynamic discipline, exciting and very challenging. The computers are the bases of every aspect of the society. The promotion of the new information technology is on a higher level so the computer sciences department is changing very fast.

The main goal of the information technology department within the IUS is to provide the best professional knowledge as well as a basis for personal, social and cognitive development of the students.

Attending the courses within the information technology department study program, the students will understand the principles of the systems development; they will be able to use their knowledge and apply it in the real-life projects and gain knowledge and skills which enable them to face the changes of this discipline. Despite this, the students will benefit from the scientific researches realized during the lectures. This means that the students are not only taught the basic elements of the current course but also, they are taught theories and advanced techniques which are on a revision level. Furthermore, there are developed the research activities of the students providing them to be included in projects for real clients, and finally, they could apply a dissertation.

The graduates of this department are successfully trained to complete the conditions for successful career in different fields on the labour market.

The Faculty of Information Technology cooperates with the Computer Science Department within the American Heritage University, as well as the New York University from Skopje.

With Respect,

Prof. Dr. Ljupco Stojcheski