The department of Computer Science offers solid foundations for a career-based industry. Application of advanced methods in teaching process and continuous connection between theory and practice and prepares students for solving complex problems. This program provides basic and advanced knowledge related to technological challenges.

Bachelor study program in the department of Computer Science last six semesters, the student must gain 180 credits to get qualified with an academic degree “Bachelor in Computer Sciences”.


– Training students individually or in a group, for scientific projects;

– Enabling students to develop and implement software systems;

– Enabling students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and their application in the real life.

– Training and preparing students for their career in the competitive global market.


–       Providing students with knowledge and basic concepts in the field of information technology and communication, as well as advanced knowledge in: application and development of web, information systems and their management, distributed systems, design and implementation of computer networks, data base, software and other software engineering.

–       Providing practice for the use of computer systems and information technology in everyday life and beyond.

–    Providing opportunities to share international experience and constant update on the developments in the above-mentioned areas.