The aim of the Faculty of Law is to prepare the next generation of legal experts based on modern study programs in order to create a profile of a lawyer with high level of professional knowledge and skills; a lawyer capable to answer to the needs and services required in the modern theory and practice.

This Faculty gives the students an opportunity to gain professional knowledge which will enable them to become successful lawyers capable to serve the public and the private sector.

The Faculty of Law offers undergraduate and postgraduate study programs where the students have the opportunity to choose one of the following courses:

* Judicial studies

* Criminalistics and Detective

According to the Bologna Declaration, the students are attending 3+2 study program courses depending on the study course they have chosen previously. During the first academic year of undergraduate studies, all the students will undergo same lectures in order to acquire basic knowledge concerning the Law.

While, during the second and the third academic year, the study program is selected depending on the chosen study course offered by the faculty.

As a Law Science organization, the Faculty of Law takes responsibility and applies its obligations to the region, the state, the nation as well as to the international organizations in order to contribute in developing the Lawyer’s profile in the society.

The main aim of the Faculty of Law is to educate students, to create successful lawyers, who will influence the society in which they live and work.

With Respect,

Doc. Dr. Driton Haruni