For the implementation of this program is engaged an adequate academic staff.

The jurisdiction studies of the first study cycle last three (3) years. Upon successful completion of studies, the student will gain a degree for completed undergraduate studies: a Bachelor in the field of Jurisdiction.



The aim of this field of study is to provide students the opportunity of gaining general juridical knowledge which will serve them as a basis for further specialization in various fields. It has to provide students with knowledge and general understanding of Law, in its broadest sense.

The goal is not to educate students in a specific and specialized part of law, but to enable them to understand the objectives, principles and instruments of law and their subfields, as well. Furthermore, it is important to ensure an interdisciplinary understanding of law which will link various aspects in the field of Justice-the Law in its economic, social and historical context.

Students shall become familiar with international law and its comparison with national law. In this aspect the English language subject will be compulsory in four semesters.

One of the main goals is to introduce students to ethical norms of Law, direct application of the law and awareness of the legal context in the democratic society.



Graduates will obtain academic skills adaptable to the needs of the market by developing strong, oral and written communication skills that are necessary for effective and clear dispersion of legal analysis, in the native and foreign language. These skills are also intended to show success in the career of the public and private sector that logically follows the degree offered by this program.

They should be able to use specific methodologies that will allow them to review the legal cases and to deal with them.

They will gain knowledge in the field of International and European law, so they can make comparisons with national law, to interpret it and to make decisions. Each student should be able to compare the different legal systems and to understand how the law affects in the different national, European and International layers. This general knowledge, later, will serve students as a good basis for passing the bar examination.

Students in the future need to be able to develop awareness of the connection between law and justice and its importance in the democratic society.

They will be introduced to the concept of law and justice and they should implement these standards, mutually with democratic, human and ethical standards.

Realizing social knowledge, students should be able to communicate and also to understand other professionals of Law as non-qualified professionals with whom they should work together. All students will get introduced to the profits and will appreciate teamwork.