The editorial board of the scientific journal “The Heritage” – IUS’s edition informs you that the procedure of collecting scientific papers for the Number 20 has already begun.The uniqueness of our journal is distinguished for its scientific research, considering the fact that new values should be promoted to overcome yourself, family, close interest while giving priority to science and knowledge.

The journal “The Heritage” remains an open window for all who want to contribute through their studies and give another impact to the society. We invite researchers of economics, law, political sciences, information technology, education, of the sphere of ecology and other scientific areas to reply to the call until November 2018.

Each paper published in scientific journal “The Heritage” is assigned a DOI® number, which appears beneath the author’s affiliation in the published paper and ISSN number ISS1857-7482


In addition, we acknowledge you with some of the main scientific criteria of our journal and a contact number to direct with all your questions, as well as the submission of your article and the corresponding personal data.

Journal criteria:

Published materials in the scientific journal “The Heritage” must comply with the standard of Albanian, Macedonian and English language. The entire manuscript, including the abstract, list of references and all kind of tables, should be A4 size with a space in between (1.5), with 12 Times New Roman font. The paper should begin with a cover page that includes the title of the paper, author(s) name (s), institutional affiliation and correspondence address, e-mail address, suggested short title and three to five key words. On the other page, you have put the title of the article and the abstract, then to continue with the content of the article. The paper work has to vary from 6-10 computer pages. The article may be accompanied by notes at the bottom of the page (footnotes) or at the end of the text (Endnotes), but in any case, the references are required. Authors are discouraged from using figures. If there is any strong reason to include figures, authors must submit original electronic copies in EPS, TIF or JPG format in high resolution. If tables are included, they should be created in Word and not in Excel.

The abstract must be sent / delivered in English, regardless of the language of the scientific paper, which the candidate has chosen.

In addition, we give you a contact number to direct with all your questions, as well as the submission of your articles and relevant personal data.

The electronic version of each publication of the journal is published in the official websites of the International University of Struga ( or

The written option in the book is withdrawn in the Editor’s office (, or contact the author for mailing address.

We ask all the contributors to make the payments because otherwise their paper work will not be published, and the scanned payment slip should be sent in the following address:


Payment data:

  1. The payment for the article is100 euro.
  2. For payments outside the Republic of Macedonia serves the account number Swift, which is below: with the purpose of “Payment for Heritage “.


Payment instructions for EUR :

 IBAN: mk07240230001908444

 SWIFT: uibmmk22

Universal Investment Bank AD Skopje

 Maksim Gorki 6, R.Macedonia

Beneficiary name: MEGUNARODEN UNIVERZITET vo Struga

Beneficiary address: Struga, Ezerski Lozja 1

For submitted papers by candidates from R.Macedonia :

Payment data:

The payment for the article is 100 euros.

UNI BANK AD SKOPJE, account number: 240230001908444

On behalf of IUS-Struga

When you send the scanned bank receipt (payment slip), we will also need your mailing address, in which you will get a copy of the journal.








Start Time

12:00 am

September 4, 2018

Finish Time

11:00 pm

November 30, 2018