Roaming – D3.6: Training of IRO Heads and academic staff on the mobility for internships / apprenticeship

Prof. Dr. Nazmije Merko Zabzun and PhD. Can. Semrah Bujari presented the last topic of the training: “Training of IRO Heads and academic staff on the mobility for internships / apprenticeships (IUS) and training of students on the ERASMUS Buddy system, its institutionalization and implementation (UOWM)” in framework of the ROAMING project founded by the European Commission.

The event was organised on 13-14.06.2024 by Mediterranean University in Podgorica – Montenegro

The training was focused on several key areas, including understanding the objectives and benefits of mobility programs, establishing strong institutional policies and procedures, fostering partnerships with international organizations, and providing support to participants throughout their mobility experience. In addition, the training emphasized the importance of monitoring and evaluation to continuously improve the quality and results of the program.


The Internship Mobility Program has proven to be a successful model for international internships and apprenticeships. By providing robust support structures, fostering strong partnerships, and focusing on student development, the program has significantly enhanced the employability and intercultural competence of its participants. The lessons can serve as a guide for other institutions aiming to implement or improve their mobility programs.

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