As an economics student at the International University of Struga, I have been able to thrive on both a personal and professional level. From the very start, the university staff welcomed me with open arms into an environment filled with ambitious, courageous, and independent students that work towards developing skills for the present and future. The academic staff of the university is continuously encouraging, helpful, and understanding towards the needs of students by allowing independent brainstorming while incorporating traditional learning methods.

Local, state and global speakers appear at the university on a regular basis, providing a different perspective to current events and issues. An active learning and debate type platform allows for students from each faculty to communicate collectively from their own academic perspective on the topics, while receiving feedback from professionals in their respective field. Additionally, the International University of Struga is located on Lake Ohrid, providing beautiful scenery and the ability to relax in between classes and after the school day. The multicultural character of the university supports the bonding of students from different cultures and ethnicities which often can be seen in the nearby café’s on campus and in the city of Struga.

The amazing experience during my bachelor studies at the International University of Struga has led me to pursue a master and doctorate degrees in the field of economics. Having the ability to pursue those degrees where I currently live in the United States has been extremely helpful due to the international recognition of the university, but with the type of support I have received from the university staff, I decided to pursue my goals at the International University of Struga. Success on a personal level, such as being a participant in the Ivanov School for Young Leaders, was highly supported and encouraged, giving me assurance that future ambitions will be supported by the university as well. Based on my experiences, I encourage you to take the next step at the International University of Struga and continue your development as an individual and a professional in your respective field.