Campus and the City of Struga

Struga, the city of poetry, is located in the southwestern part of Macedonia. The city lies on the northern shores of Lake Ohrid. The river Black Drim passes through the city, which streams from the lake and divides the city into two parts. The old Illyrian name of Struga is Enhalon. The excellent location of the city, the pleasant climate, the excellent traffic that connects it with many different places, the wonderful beaches and the large number of hotels around the lake, together with the archaeological sites and other cultural monuments make Struga one of the most important places of tourism, culture and education in the Republic of North Macedonia and beyond. It is simply not possible to visit Struga and remain indifferent to the natural beauty that Lake Ohrid and the river Black Drim bring, as well as the old architecture and narrow alleys with old houses.

Struga and Struga residents have always known how to receive guests from other countries. They know how to welcome you warmly and will make you feel as your at home.

At the International University in Struga you will find comfortable facilities for studying, facilities according to the highest contemporary university standards. The facilities at IUS are specially designed for students who choose to study at our institution, because student care is our primary goal. Students studying at IUS have the opportunity to attend lectures and seminars in large and modern halls equipped with audio-visual aids, so that the student feels more comfortable, more focused on the lesson.

In the premises of the International University in Struga you will also find two large computer laboratories, with the highest modern technology, connected to the Internet for students studying in the field of informatics. These laboratories can also be used for other students, who use them to prepare their seminar assignments and scientific work, as well as teaching projects.