The Faculty of Economics within the International University of Struga is oriented to create an international educational context and curriculum and it aims to become a leader of the educational process not only in Macedonia, but also in the region.

We have a clear vision and one of our goals is to establish a society with high standards.

Motivated by the desire to become a part of the world educational institutions, following their standards, the Faculty of Economics offers undergraduate study program on English language, in collaboration with our reputed partners, the American Heritage University and the London City College. This is a great opportunity for the students because they will get double degree diploma from the Faculty of Economics in IUS and a degree from the above-mentioned institutions.

Regarding the work of the Faculty of Economics, it is very important to be mentioned that the main emphasize is given to the modern cooperation between the academic staff and the students.  In the realization of this goal are helping not only the qualified academic staff but also You as our future undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as the partners which support us to realize the educational process and the scientific researches.

With Respect,

Dean of Faculty of Economics

Doc. Dr. Gazmend Beshi