IUS Diploma Recognition

Since the accreditation (recognition) of the Diploma is one of the most important elements in education, in the addition we are forwarding the certificates of our students who have validated IUS diplomas in different countries of the world by continuing with employment or postgraduate studies in these states.

IU students who come from different countries of the world, after completing their studies receive their diploma which is recognized in most countries of the world. That is why IUS is very proud of it’s students who after their completion as a sign of gratitude communicate and inform us about their careers. Some of those students have sent us the documentation recognized by the competent Ministries of the countries where they have recognized the diplomas such as in Greece, Albania, Switzerland, Austria, Serbia, Kosovo, USA and many others.

Recognition of our degree in the USA is another step towards the promotion of IUS in the international arena, at the same time it is a certificate for the high quality of education at IUS.

This opens up new opportunities for students to study and work in the USA, even under the same conditions as graduate students at USA universities.

Diplomas awarded by IUS are not only easily recognized in many countries, but also enable them to continue their studies in other countries. Some IUS students managed to enrol in the most ranked university in Austria-University of Vienna. This university dates back to 1365. It is one of the best universities in Europe, where 15 Nobel Prize winners have attended lectures. Enrolment for undergraduate studies at the University of Vienna is made possible only for the best students, who come from the best universities in the world.