Work and Study IUS

Work and study is an employment opportunity for students who are enrolled in undergraduate studies at our University. The gained job is based on the financial conditions and needs of the students, but also the success that they have shown earlier. Job positions in which students can be employed at the University are: student service, library, computer labs, etc. The financial income which will be realized on the basis of the worked hours, will compensate the financial payment of your education.

The International University of Struga in cooperation with the businesses that develop their activity in the city of Struga, enables all students who wish to work after study hours. Working during studies is a financial relief for the student budget due to the fact that the minimum salary with which students work is 18,000 denars (300 Euros) and calculating the monthly installment to cover the tuition fee (160 Euros) is a good option to cover tuition costs. The university enables students to choose from the various jobs offered and students are constantly notified of job adverts via email.