Knowledge of languages facilitates access to new and better opportunities. The International University of Struga Language Centre prepares the students to improve their knowledge in English, Italian, Albanian, Turkish and Macedonian languages.

The IUS Language Centre offers regular courses in foreign languages (English, Italian, Albanian and Turkish) in order to complete the language training of students, teachers and administrative staff and services. It also offers Macedonian courses for foreigners, designed to improve its’ proficiency in Macedonian language.

The IUS Language Centre has an extensive list of licensed teachers, as well as native teachers with higher education degrees, selected for their academic qualifications and extensive experience in foreign language teaching (FLT).

To achieve our mission, the IUS Language Centre aims to:

  • Ensure access to outstanding language teaching and support for language learning for all current students and staff members of the University
  • Support the highest levels of academic achievement by students whose first language is not English or Italian or Albanian or Turkish or Macedonian
  • Exploit the latest technologies and pedagogies in developing language teaching and learning materials
  • Provide professional advisory services which will support individual language learners
  • Provide high quality learning resources in multiple media, both physical and virtual, in a wide range of languages
  • Collaborate and share expertise with other language learning providers within the University and in other organizations nationally and internationally
  • Promote language learning and access language study to students.

Here is a list of the available courses:

–       Intensive English for beginners

–       Intensive Italian for beginners

–       Intensive Albanian for beginners

–       Intensive Turkish for beginners

–       Intensive Macedonian for beginners – foreign students

–       English for Special Purpose (Economy, Law, Politics, Information technology)

–       Albanian for Special Purpose (Economy, Law, Politics, Information technology)

–       Turkish for Special Purpose (Economy, Law, Politics, Information technology)

–       Macedonian for Special Purpose (Economy, Law, Politics, Information technology) – for foreign students