For the implementation of this program is engaged an adequate academic staff in the field of Diplomacy and matters within the International framework. The studies of the study program of the first cycle in Diplomacy and International relations last three (3) years. Upon successful completion of studies, the student will gain a degree for completed undergraduate studies: a bachelor in the field of Diplomacy and International Relations.


  1. The purpose of this field of study is to provide students with the possibility of an overall perspective on the models and institutions which lead the international relations.
  2. Students must be acquainted with the detailed analysis of the process of creating institutions and international organizations.
  3. The study of the origin of diplomacy and its contemporary development.
  4. Modern geopolitics of countries and the approach of countries to massive globalization.
  5. The definition of legal instruments and legal remedies that must be used to negotiate over various agreements between countries / institutions / organizations.
  6. Students’ engagement in case studies on innovations and interventions of the foreign policies in Collaborative procedure between countries.


  • Bachelors at the end of the first cycle of studies of International relations, should manage to classify types of international organizations.
  • To be able to understand that basically every international relation is cooperation.
  • To be skeptical related to the development of the history of diplomacy and to have general knowledge regarding national and international matters.
  • To have accumulated relevant information about international legislation and to have a precise framework of diplomatic protocol.
  • To implement their opinions about the forms and levels of cooperation elaborating scientific cases related to the degree of the social development, institutions and different politics.