The study program of Business and Economics provides knowledge in the field of business administration and economics in general, both in the theoretical as well as in the practical application. Mathematics is used as a key tool in the analysis and interpretation of data. Also, effective communication and modern teaching methods have awakened students’ awareness for the need for new innovations in solving business problems, based on customer requirements and business objectives. For the implementation of this program is engaged an adequate academic staff in the field of Economy, prepared to deal with problems within internal or international trade. The studies of the study program of the first cycle in Business Administration last three (3) years. Upon successful completion of studies, the student will gain a degree for completed undergraduate studies: a bachelor in the field of Business Economics.

Goals :

–       Through the development of lectures and exercises students acquire basic knowledge of business foundations and to provide a broad understanding about business in general,

–       Students learn how to apply appropriate business models in decision-making situations and to apply ethical reasoning in business situations

–       Presentation of students with the basic principles in the field of business and also provides an effective teamwork basis

Objectives :

–        Students are provided with a thorough knowledge about business theories, models and their implementation on the market

–       To be recognized in particular by the leadership, entrepreneurship and business analysis of the problems and highlighting opportunities

–       Providing a basis for extensive preparation in any career pathway that a student may choose, as well as providing a solid preparation for postgraduate studies in this field and in similar ones